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The lovely Tara Reid was already a star as a child.For the first time in front of the camera focused on the small tare at the tender age of six for a game show.This appearance can certainly be impetus for their subsequent careers are seen, but she was then repeatedly in TV commercials on our screens to see.But before the great acting career could go,Reid had the first school,which is also the top priority. Only after they are in New York High School successfully completed, they started in full career by.Initially,she received professional acting lessons,and could also soon be her first major screen role grab:In 1998,a minor role in today's cult film "The Big Lebowski." In the same years,we have the pretty blonde in the horror movie "Gloomy legends" in our cinemas admire. The big breakthrough came for Tara Reid in 1999,when she initially in the blockbuster "Ice-cold Angel" was shown, and then success in the comedy "American Pie". After this year, Tara Reid was a known face that people love and often in public to see. In the coming years, we saw them in comedies such as "Party Animals" or "Party Alarm - fingers away from my daughter." Another highlight was certainly her role in "American Pie 2", again a resounding success at the box office was.Her latest productions include the comic adaptation of "The Crow" and "Alone in the Dark." For 2008 are already several other films with the beauty planned.

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